Affiliation With Perpetual Ventures

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Rocky Mountain Patent now offers patent strategy and prosecution services in coordination with Perpetual Ventures.

Rocky Mountain Patent has always viewed the purpose of patents a bit differently.

With our own startup exit experience, we have an intimate understanding of the value that strong patents can provide.  However, we also recognize that patents should not be viewed in a vacuum.   Patents without the establishment of other barriers to entry, such as strong branding, first mover advantage and trade secrecy represent an incomplete strategy for staking claim during the commercialization of a novel concept.

This is why we have entered into an exclusive affiliation with Perpetual Ventures.  Perpetual exists to create enduring value in the companies that it advises and invests in.  It does so by building around a branding and go-to-market strategy in concert with a patent strategy.

To most effectively support our clients, Rocky Mountain Patent now offers services to new clients in concert with Perpetual Ventures.   While Rocky Mountain Patent itself exclusively performs legal services, and Perpetual Ventures exclusively performs branding, go-to-market, and other startup strategy services pursuant to a separate engagement, we have determined that we can best help our clients succeed when they have the full spectrum of support services available to them working in concert with the patent strategies that we develop.

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