Experience and quality at a competitive fee structure

Rocky Mountain Patent strives to deploy valuable, high quality patent strategies for its clients.

Our firm uniquely offers a fixed fee structure for its services.  When it comes to inventions and patents, no project is like another.  Therefore, we find it necessary to review the project first and then, whenever possible, offer a fixed fee quote to our clients.   When the matter has a high degree of open-ended aspects, we charge an hourly fee, which varies based on the resource utilized.  Fixed fee quotes generally include all attorney time, figure preparation and expert consultations, but exclude filing fees and paralegal time, which often varies based on client availability and responsiveness.

Rocky Mountain Patent’s fees are highly competitive and generally in line with reasonable and accepted costs of patent prosecution, though costs vary depending on the complexity of the invention and the particulars of any given matter.   To gain a better general sense of the fees associated with patent preparation, we have included the below article from respected patent commentator Gene Quinn, which presents typical costs associated with patenting.  These costs as described generally correlate with our fees.

The Cost of Obtaining a Patent in the US

Note that the above-linked article presents information that is general and informative in nature, and presents fee information that does not always exactly line up with our specific fees.  Generally, however, the fees described therein are in line with Rocky Mountain Patent’s fees.

The best way to get an estimate of the fees associated with your particular project is to get in touch with us to schedule an initial consultation, which is always free.

Rocky Mountain Patent also offers discounted fees to those who engage with Perpetual Ventures.  The fees charged by Rocky Mountain Patent and Perpetual Ventures are separate fees exclusively pursuant to separate terms of engagement.