Patent Licensing and Enforcement

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Leaders of today’s startup companies recognize that patents are strategic business assets.  Rocky Mountain Patent helps startups and other patent holders reap of all the benefits that they provide—including protection, exclusive rights, and innovation.

Rocky Mountain Patent understands the true overall value of a diversified patent portfolio – whether wholly owned or licensed from third parties.  Our team puts clients’ invention assets and intellectual property (IP) capabilities to work through outbound portfolio licensing and complementary value-added solutions.  We prepare, negotiate and record licenses, assignments, asset purchase agreements, joint development agreements and other transactional agreements.  We also provide due diligence research and other support for patent related corporate transactions.

When a patent search turns up a needed piece of intellectual property owned by someone else, we build a strategy to license the patent from the third party at a fair price. This process entails the preparation of a dossier of the owner of the patent to understand the value of the patent to the owner. We have the background needed, stemming from years of business experience, to perform an economic analysis of the patent and create a comprehensive value profile that underpins our licensing approach.

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