Patent Trial and Appeals Board Litigation

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Post Grant Proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board have become a popular mechanism to challenge the validity of patents.
Post Grant Proceedings allow a party to challenge the validity of a patent—whether accused of infringement, or if there is a concern of potential infringement—at a fraction of a cost compared to validity challenges in United States District Courts. In addition to the lower cost, some prefer to have the technical issues of patent validity determined by a panel of Patent Law Judges who have technical expertise and specialize in patent law.

Thus, it is no surprise that Post Grant Proceedings, which include Inter-Partes Review, Post Grant Review and Covered Business Method Reviews, are now an integral part of the patent litigation and licensing landscape.

Rocky Mountain Patent team of patent litigators with technical backgrounds and a team with a wide breadth of technical expertise is especially equipped to handle Post Grant Proceedings. If you need assistance in determining whether a Post Grant Proceeding should be part of your IP strategy, our team can be of great value, particularly if you are concerned about potential infringement or the validity of your patent has been challenged.

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