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As the founder of a startup built upon an innovative technology, you must consider a variety of organizational considerations to maximize the likelihood of the success of your venture.

Rocky Mountain Patent can help you develop a corporate or limited liability structure that most effectively suits your business objectives and intellectual property strategy. Different business structures require customized corporate structures to minimize the risk and maximize the value associated with your patent assets.

The optimal legal structure depends upon the stage of your business and its objectives. You should rely on experienced counsel to help you navigate the risks and opportunities associated with varying corporate structures.

Corporate Formation Built Upon IP Assets
Rocky Mountain Patent can help you build a corporate strategy stemming from your intellectual property assets, while considering your unique objectives. Companies built upon innovation featuring large patent portfolios have special considerations that must be considered during corporate formation.

Rocky Mountain Patent will assist you (and your startup counsel if you already have an engagement) in formulating your strategy and corporate structure. We can also assist you with the requisite founders agreements, operating agreements, stockholder agreements, licensing agreements and assignments to ensure that your strategy remains well-implemented.

Trademark Strategy and Enforcement of Your Rights
Moreover, your invention and your company’s brand should also have strong protection, usually acquired through federal trademark registration. Trademarks are the names, logos, and tag lines that customers use to identify your goods and services. A strong trademark quickly and easily identifies your unique business.

Rocky Mountain Patent can assist you in registering and maintaining trademarks with the USPTO, as well as coordinate the management of your trademark portfolio internationally. We also feature a team of litigators able to aggressively enforce your registered trademarks through litigation, if necessary.

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